Total Smart Machine Solution

SMC revolutionizes manufacturing paradigm through smart factory automation
and provides personalized manufacturing solution based on the needs of each customer

Smart Factory Automation Global Leading Company

SMC strives for your ultimate ground of advanced intelligent control,
optimization and automation system

Exploring and Implementing Flexible Manufacturing System

Smart factory contributes to achieve production efficiency by connecting all products,
facilities and processes based on ICT convergence

Future Leader of Smart Factory Automation

SMC has implemented the very first automation system in Korea,
making inroads into worldwide smart factory automation system to realize its business value


SMCore is innovating the manufacturing paradigm through Smart Factory.
We provide specialized Total Smart Machine Solution.

Process Automation

One of the most important applications of automation technology is process. Also...

Automated Storage

ASRS(Automated Storage and Retrieval System) Automated Storage and Retrieval Sys...

Semiconductor Equipment

It is aimed to improve the production flow of the entire process in connection w...

Parking System

The automatic parking system is a system that keeps vehicle in a minimum area. I...

Case Study

Through accumulated experience and know-how of SMCore, we can see examples of various industries that provided solution.


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